PMMA Acrylic Rod
Discription :Captivating the skills of our team, we are engaged in offering bulk of PMMA Acrylic Rod. This PMMA Acrylic Rod is manufactured by us as per the world class standards and parameter which is highly appreciated by clients. Besides this, it is extensively used by the clients for its various applications and excellent results.
Basic properties:
Grip handle for easy handling, Transparent, Solid and virtually unbreakable, Excellent protection provider, Long life, Secure and Comfortable, Scratch and fire resistant, Self-extinguished Durable, Uniform finish, Low weight.
Outer diameter 2 mm to 100 mm diameter,Length - As per customer requirement,Transparency / Colour exactly as per requirement,Manufactured using GE/BAYER pellets,Size uniformity from one end to another end Unbreakable & ultra violet stabilized (polycarbonate tube only).